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Rainbow village is a the new reflection of a liberal art scene and liberal thought stage…is how I see it. Books cafe is an open space for all of us in Amman and you Madian have created a platform for some of the best art and cultural performances I have seen in our city. You made culture available to the young generation of many socioeconomic backgrounds.

It is a space that gives a sense of freedom and difference.

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I say our city because it is the spirit of Amman to integrate and not to separate. I agree with those who say that social justice and equity rights are essential and that perhaps bringing the rights of the gay community to the public debate scene is too pre mature amidst political turmoil and violence in the region.. It is a bit scary how we can always escape responsibility when true citizenship is about the responsibility to protect individual and collective rights of the diverse and different voices and lifestyles in our city.

As long as human rights remain a subjective issue, we will always have issues that we have a problem with. There are various closets that have become part of our conditioning. The gay one should maybe be the least of our worries. How about the closet of the culture of as long as it is a secret it is OK?

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How about the closet of the double standards that is not only stifling any creativity but also harboring a dangerous culture of mediocrity?. What people do in their bedroom is their business. It is about time we start paying attention to what really counts and stop pointing fingers at others in order to make ourselves feel better.

How many people are having premarital sex in secret and yet they allow themselves to judge people who do? How many people have judged others simply because of a belief they held without ever challenging its merit. It is easy to hate people simply because they are different. Tolerance is a gift that only the enlightened is blessed with. No sarcasm intended here…just an honest question and an open mind willing to listen.

Median, I am really impressed with cultural liberal changes happening in Jabal Amman! This village gives a soul that has been lost to the city of Amman.

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You are right, the books cafe did start it all. Look at the area now after 12 years of the books opening! Something really changed down there! On the other, I always like how people tend to downplay some social issues and stress others like the road to change is a narrow corridor that can only fit one issue at a time.

Either way thats in general, but regarding the topic at hand. Those who feel excluded, be it homosexuals, women, or any other non-recognised social group, are more likely to feel frustrated, and frustration is a very clear deterrent to productivity and development.

Would the Western enlightment have happened without Da Vinci? At this point in our own enlightment or lack, there of , we can not afford to exclude a single person or an idea. We need as much human capacity as we can muster, and that includes making everyone as comfortable and accepted as possible. Comfortable enough to feel they want to build and contribute. At the very least, we might have more citizens who are truly happy in Jordan, who smile, and who stop at pedestrian crossings. And we certainly need more of those.

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Ill tell you why.. Dont take my word for it go out and ask people around Jordan. Deena, Discussions do involve differing opinions however they when your very honesty and intentions are called into question its not a discussion anymore.

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I think people suggesting that it is ok to be gay in Jordan is simply out of touch with reality, get out of amman, travel around and see for yourself, actually dont, you would be risking bodily harm. Its funny how people can pass judgemtn on others so easily I mean it. So so far I have learned that the only people in Jordan who smile, stop at pedestrian crossings, and are artisitic are gay, very nice….. Indeed enjoy. Markus — I never said homosexuals are the only ones who smile and stop at pedestrian crossings, I said that HAPPY people are more likely to do so, and that we need more happy people in Jordan whether homo or hetro!

Hope that clears it up. You are not reading well. She is trying to say that we have to accept everybody in our society in order for those people to give the best they can. It is what we need at this stage of our development, to concentrate on our people and their ability to give to this country regardless of their sexual orientation, race, sex, color….

A lot of women are deprived from enjoying their bodies even after they get marry. Sexuality is a major concern for most of Jordanians, and I would say it would match or even overcome the poverty issue.

Bambam is right, we should not left anything on hold. We have nearly 6 million jordanians. Each has his own hardship and concerns. Some form groups and specilize in different issues. What we have is social issues that need to keep on progressing. Every enhancement in human rights and social development will benefit the society at large. Let do what we can instead of kicking our problems to the backseat waiting the time that would never come.

The point is simply, there is no harm in adopting a lot of causes at the same time since they all go hand in hand… and they are aware of that since they are not removed from the struggles of the rest of society and are not exclusive to the upper class west ammanis like the impression i get from people commenting here. They are just more visible and not really bothered about many rights, everything does start somewhere so i guess we can start with the right to exist and the space to exist.

So it is worth the risk, to change minds and establish better understanding.

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Rights are just supposed to be there, so whatever can be done to further the prevalence of rights on our society on any topic is a cause worth adopting. You will always have problems and challenges in every society and its a perpetual struggle to maintain your rights not just earn them. That is mainly because reality dispels myth so just by acknowledging that they are part of society and are there opens up the doors for change and discussion like whats going on right now.

So let me get this straight no pun intended , and please take my comment fo what it is: It seems that there is a strong, vibrant Gay and Lesbian community in Jordan that contributes to society and is supported by the majority of people, or lets just say the majority of the young people in jordan today? I mean at least three people disagreed with me and i dont think anyone really agreed …. I gotta visit Jebel Amman next time in the JO…. Not sure that deep inside we like it, it might cross out minds, but that does not mean we act on it, there is a difference between thinking it and acting on it because that is where you would cross the line of actually being called gay.

I heard the argument that if you are doing the pitching you are not necessary gay, well I completely disagree, if you are welling to engage in such act with someone other than a female, then you are definitely gay with no doubt, you are just denying it. Being an Arab and gay, I must agree, it is becoming more mainstream than it has ever been before, at least now when I visit Amman, I tend to see them roaming the streets, just visit Cheese Hilda in Swaifieh, you will be convinced, they are more mainstream than you might think.

But his placid existence took on Kafkaesque twist earlier this year, when French authorities informed Minvielle that his expatriate idyll had cost him his French citizenship. The main reason, according to Minvielle and his supporters: If France the country of human rights and freedom did this, no one has the right to judge Jordan.

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Just a quick note, a large number of married Jordanian men, mostly uper class r gays they might admit and say BI after 10 years of their happily marriages their veil is lift over and many others b4, do we women ask for divorce? I agree with maha Am 43 male married to wonderful wife..

I dont know why? The cold, hard truth is that 1 in 5 men is fully homosexual across all cultures, biological profiles, and geographic areas of the world. Review local lesbian christians on the world.

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