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Duncan in Australia Born Love listening to music, reading good books,doing folk stuff, and seeing classic films. Last Haircut was in January Started growing in when I was Proud to be a Long Haired Computer Nerd.

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El Nico in UK Decided to become a long hair at the grand old age of 50 and then inexplicably decided to cut it all off just before Xmas I enj. Elektros Started growing: Fitzgarce in Syracuse, NY I've always wanted to grow my hair long Now, at 57 - it is on my "bucket list". Last hair cut was Dec. My hair is thinning on top and not very pretty to look at, but here I am. I'm growing my hair since My goal is to achieve belt lenght or even longer with the healthier hair possible. My interest are: Music guitar, piano ,. Garth in Maryland, U.

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I like to run marathons, listen to heavy metal, and watch horror movies. Georges Huard in Montreal I work as a computer tech in Montreal, have Asperger's Syndrome, and geeky social skills, yet love to meet people. Georgiaboy Started growing: April 12, at 1" Goal length: At least mid-back June Giacco in Texas Cut off 12" and started re-growing: March 11th, at 4" Goal length: Waist Birthdate: Hegg The Norsk in Minnesota Start date: August Going for Classic length and further.

Hugo in Brazil Growing it out from a 1 buzzcut. Current goal of going an entire year without having it cut, 5 months left.. IanB in United Kingdom Grew long hair back in the 60's. Now I'm well in my 60's decided to try and grow it back again. A great believer in freedom of choice and passionate supporter of long hair. Sure there have been other men who tried long hair around here but few stick it out as a permanent style.

I am hoping to grow my hair to it.

Frodo in Southern Maryland. James in Maryland I am a drummer since age 8. I have had a shoulder length shag since 12th Grade before that my parents forced me to have short hair. Since about I guess I've been growing it longer gradually. JamesK in United Kingdom Growing my hair out for the first time, aiming for at least mid-back, started Feb , determined to go the whole way.

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Jarvis in Maryland I'm a Student and guitarist most a the tine. Been growing since Feb. No goal in mind. Often found with atleast 1 braid in my hair, and not opposed to crazy styles. As of , I'm now trying to see where terminal length is on me. I'm also a cycling enthusiast. Joao David in Lisbon, Portugal My hair goal is classic length. I am a fashion design student, and I love singing, drawing and dancing. John C in Newcastle, WA. John Shepherd in Near Traverse City, Michigan I have many interests in science and the arts, including photography, poetry, music.

Electronics is one of my primary interests. I love designing and building large scale pieces of electronic equipmen. Going for nipple length for now and I'll add a smile to my next pic update! Jon in Indiana I've been growing my hair out for 27 months Jonalbear in Northern Lower Michigan In to corresponding with longhairs from around the world. Enjoy music, reading, cooking and being outdoors.

I have Asperger's Syndrome a form of Autism and am mobility impaired. I think more men should have long hair. Kansasdude in Wichita, Ks I'm just your average mid-western guy who happens to appreciate long hair on men. Karsten in Upstate New York. Kerry in Charlotte, NC. Kevin C in Fond du lac , Wisconsin Started growin my hair in I'm from Brockville,Ontario which is close to Ottawa. I've pretty much been growing my hair for 7 years now,with a short period of having short hair in between.

Now back to being long haired. Lee in United Kingdom Growing my hair out for the second time after I regretfully cut it in March My goal is waist length. Like nature, biking, computer games, movies, political discussions Long hair since about 10 years and happy with it. Lon in Tucson AZ Longhair for 5 years, and still lovin' it! Got to waist length, had to cut off about a foot of hair to deal with damaged hair, my goal now is treminal length. LongManeDude in Phoenix Long-haired biologist since Mane has been at terminal length 35" for close to ten years. Now growing a terminal length goatee to match.

Luke I've been growing my hair since August My goal is at least mid-back. Medieval history is my favorite part of history. Matt B. ALAP As long as possible! I like weather, science, computers and I play sports for Special Olympics. MattT in Sydney Australia 3rd time lucky. Michael S in California Hey.

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Ive been growing my hair for 4 years now and i love it. There are some great long hairs here. Mick in Belgium Linguist, scientist, atheist, critical thinker, skeptic.

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Into pop music. Not a longhair by birth, grew into it as my hair grew. I've been growing my hair for about 7 years, my beard for about 4 years. Trying for waist length, but will be happy at mid back. Yay, curls! Never2Long in North Carolina I've enjoyed long hair ever since it was possible, from beyond waist length to my shorter sort of bob cut now.

I'll never go back to short! Nuttidave in UK Long hair rocks!

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Lower mid-back. I love Jesus, being involved in vocal music, writing, photography, and professional dog breeding.

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Been watching the board for several months and thought I would get past the lurking stage. Oren in Arlington, Texas Started growing: June at 0. As long as it will grow. February I managed to reach my target leng. Paddy in Omaha, NE Stopped cutting in Have a beautiful day. If this is you, too, drop me a line--especially if you play drums! Pat S.

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Patrick in Chicago Well on my way to growing my hair to mid back. Peg in Michigan "Started growing in upon graduation. My hair has coincided with many life lessons, and also my interest in lutherie. I play in the black metal band, Vintenar, and enjoy nearly all genres of music. Peter Zanette in Ottawa, Canada My heart is into the arts. PhilipZ in Europe I love music, comedy, being creative and long hair!

I've been growing out my hair since with no certain goals apart from: Currently I'm at it for more than 5 years and it's great. I am back on a new journey. Raul in Fredrikstad, Norway Almost 30 year old tattooed prechool teacher. A Geek at heart, and an aspiring long hair: Now I'm going to just let my hair grow. I would like you to walk this long hair journey with to to terminal length.